Fr. Steve’s Reflections November 5, 2020

November 5, 2020
Dear St. Christopher’s Parish and Friends,
Last Sunday we wrestled with The Beatitudes. You know: Love those who are
humble and weak. In the past few months, humility has been a rare quantity, but
now that we are about ready to move on, we’ll find our Christian hearts. After all,
our God reigns and everything that is broken will be, in His time, restored.
St. Matthew wanted us to know that Jesus called his people – – all of us – – to take
a critical look at our world, and how we live.
Are we called to be more than we are? Am I? Of course.
Are we called to be more patient, more generous, and more loving? Am I? Of
The exhausting political season is behind us. No matter wo sleeps in our White
House, we are called to move forward, to love and to heal all those whom God
puts in our path. Let’s start that work today!
Blessings, and Love,
– Fr. Steve