Fr Steve’s Thoughts – 6/6/2021

Fr. Steve’s Thoughts…
Our 50th anniversary celebration was a huge hit!!!
And now, in the blink of an eye, we are back to sorting out the final details to choose our contractor and to get to work on our water damage repairs! Halleluiah!!!
The Water Damage is a hassle and I thank everyone for their patience! But the incident is also a blessing, because it gives us an opportunity to update, clean up and refine both our Church and our Education Wing. We will bounce back better and stronger than ever!
Our God Reigns, and this Church family endures …from generation to generation.
As Bible-centered and historic Christians, we are free, we are loved and we are saved! We are called to serve each other and to serve Central Texas, as one joyful Eucharistic family.
Let’s celebrate our St. Christopher’s family by loving one another, and inviting others to join us as we worship and rebuild our church home.
-Fr. Steve