Fr. Steve’s Thoughts – 6/13/2021

Fr. Steve’s Thoughts…
Really Good News!! We’ve got an insurance check and this past week I reached
oral agreement with a contractor to start work on our water damage repairs! A paper
contract soon to follow!!! Halleluiah!!! Thanks to everyone for their patience!
Although the Water Damage has been a huge hassle, it’s also a blessing, because
in cleaning up we have a chance to modernize, and improve both our Church and our
Education Wing. We are bouncing back — better and stronger than ever!
As we work, we also need your support and your involvement. St. Christopher’s
thrives, from generation to generation, as one joyful Eucharistic family, by serving each
other, our families and Central Texas!
Now is the time to open our doors and our hearts! Invite your friends and your
family to join us as we worship, envision and rebuild our Church Home.
-Fr. Steve