Fr. Steve’s Thoughts 5/3/2021

Fr. Steve’s Thoughts…
This past Pentecost Sunday, we celebrated St. Christopher’s 50th anniversary. What a wonderful

event! Not even a legendary Texas rainstorm could keep folks away!

Richie’s band was fantastic and the hamburgers were delicious! Our beloved matriarch, Doris,
offered history and showed us that God’s work never ceases. But people didn’t really come for

any of that. They came to celebrate family.

Everyone of a certain age really knows that time marches on. It does! But this past Sunday was a
reminder that, in this Church family, our God endures … our God reigns … from generation to
generation. Each generation is called to her God’s voice and to do God’s work, not as individual
persons, but as a family — as God’s people gathered in Killeen, at St. Christopher’s.
Our voice and our message are unique! Bible centered and historic, but not trapped by one
person’s understanding, we are a joyful Eucharistic family. Our conversation is not from the pulpit
down to the people, but instead it arises amongst the people. Ours is a dinner conversation,
around the table, where lives and stories and Truth are shared, with patient love, and a healthy

portion of grace. Let us celebrate family our family at St. Christopher’s.

Ours is a unique and wonderful story. Let us share that story! The cold and frightened world

needs Christ’s love. It needs family.

Let us invite people to our church home. Let us celebrate family at St. Christopher’s.
Peace, -Fr. Steve