Fr. Steve’s Thoughts – 4/4/2021

Fr. Steve’s Thoughts …
We are all working so hard, to meet the changes and challenges that (no pun
intended!) flow from our experience with Snowmageddon and broken water pipes.
Yet, in the midst of the fatigue and pressure, it is a joy to see St. Christopher’s
boundless potential to be a big part of God’s good work, in and around Killeen.
Better lighting, Better Seating and Better Access? Works in Progress! Food Truck
Friday? Talk with Beth Bodkin! A community garden and improved grounds for
the preschool? Talk with me or with Becca, at the Preschool. See that nice new
flower area by our North doorway? Say Thank You to our Boy Scout troop!
There is so much good God stuff happening right now at St. Christopher’s. Why not
join in with us, and make a difference for God’s Kingdom?
Pax et bonum,
-Fr. Steve