Fr. Steve’s Thoughts 3/7/2021

In late February, during the big freeze, nicknamed Snowmageddon, St.
Christopher’s suffered serious and complicated water damage from three
frozen broken pipes, over three separate days. The damaged areas include
much of the Education Wing, as well as the Sacristy, the Vestment room, and
the Nave.
Through the arduous labor of a few our brave and hardy souls, many
large shallow pools of water were evacuated, while professional remediation
teams were en route. Insurance claims and discussions are underway. The
search for contractors to repair damages from sheetrock to carpet, to cement
floors, to damaged pews, is underway. The process of restoration will take
quite some time, both because of its complexity and because so many other
persons are requiring similar services.
All of this is sad. It is hard. It is exhausting. It is frustrating. These are
times that test both our faith and our patience. Thus, I ask each person who
calls St. Christopher’s his or her parish home, to offer both prayers and
patience, both skills and financial support. There is much to do!
We will bounce back, with lessons learned. When it is safe, we will
joyfully regather. Until then, stay tuned to our Sunday services on Facebook
(or In-Person in the Parish Hall), and direct any questions to the office, or your
Wardens, Judy and Michael.
May the Lord’s every blessing, and the peace which passes all
understanding, be upon us.
– Fr. Steve