Fr. Steve’s Thoughts – 7/18/2021

Lately, we’ve been reading from Mark’s Gospel.
Scholars say that Mark followed Peter all around,
Sketching out Peter’s sayings and stories.
That all stopped when Peter was martyred in Rome.
A horrible surprise.
Folks expected Jesus to come back any day. Any moment.
Peter was gone. Judgment Day was pending.
Mark was kind of in a hurry.

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Fr. Steve’s Thoughts – 6/13/2021

Fr. Steve’s Thoughts…
Really Good News!! We’ve got an insurance check and this past week I reached
oral agreement with a contractor to start work on our water damage repairs! A paper
contract soon to follow!!! Halleluiah!!! Thanks to everyone for their patience!
Although the Water Damage has been a huge hassle, it’s also a blessing, because
in cleaning up we have a chance to modernize, and improve both our Church and our
Education Wing. We are bouncing back — better and stronger than ever!
As we work, we also need your support and your involvement. St. Christopher’s
thrives, from generation to generation, as one joyful Eucharistic family, by serving each
other, our families and Central Texas!
Now is the time to open our doors and our hearts! Invite your friends and your
family to join us as we worship, envision and rebuild our Church Home.
-Fr. Steve

Fr Steve’s Thoughts – 6/6/2021

Fr. Steve’s Thoughts…
Our 50th anniversary celebration was a huge hit!!!
And now, in the blink of an eye, we are back to sorting out the final details to choose our contractor and to get to work on our water damage repairs! Halleluiah!!!
The Water Damage is a hassle and I thank everyone for their patience! But the incident is also a blessing, because it gives us an opportunity to update, clean up and refine both our Church and our Education Wing. We will bounce back better and stronger than ever!
Our God Reigns, and this Church family endures …from generation to generation.
As Bible-centered and historic Christians, we are free, we are loved and we are saved! We are called to serve each other and to serve Central Texas, as one joyful Eucharistic family.
Let’s celebrate our St. Christopher’s family by loving one another, and inviting others to join us as we worship and rebuild our church home.
-Fr. Steve

Fr. Steve’s Thoughts 5/3/2021

Fr. Steve’s Thoughts…
This past Pentecost Sunday, we celebrated St. Christopher’s 50th anniversary. What a wonderful

event! Not even a legendary Texas rainstorm could keep folks away!

Richie’s band was fantastic and the hamburgers were delicious! Our beloved matriarch, Doris,
offered history and showed us that God’s work never ceases. But people didn’t really come for

any of that. They came to celebrate family.

Everyone of a certain age really knows that time marches on. It does! But this past Sunday was a
reminder that, in this Church family, our God endures … our God reigns … from generation to
generation. Each generation is called to her God’s voice and to do God’s work, not as individual
persons, but as a family — as God’s people gathered in Killeen, at St. Christopher’s.
Our voice and our message are unique! Bible centered and historic, but not trapped by one
person’s understanding, we are a joyful Eucharistic family. Our conversation is not from the pulpit
down to the people, but instead it arises amongst the people. Ours is a dinner conversation,
around the table, where lives and stories and Truth are shared, with patient love, and a healthy

portion of grace. Let us celebrate family our family at St. Christopher’s.

Ours is a unique and wonderful story. Let us share that story! The cold and frightened world

needs Christ’s love. It needs family.

Let us invite people to our church home. Let us celebrate family at St. Christopher’s.
Peace, -Fr. Steve

Fr. Steve’s Thoughts – 5/23/2021

Fr. Steve’s Thoughts
As our Pre-School graduates know, Summer Vacation’s right around the
corner! As the CDC relaxes its expectations, many of us are planning to get
back into the “real world”!!! If you travel. Please Be Safe!!!
Each person who calls St. Christopher’s Church and Preschool “home”, needs
to take a minute to think about what he or she can do to help us move to next
step. Interested in Vestry? Or in working in the Community Garden, or
contributing to our services? There’s a place for you here!
What is the Lord asking of you? How can St. Christopher’s be a lighthouse to
Killeen, to Harker Heights, to Nolanville, and Belton?
Yours in Christ,
-Fr. Steve

Fr. Steve’s Thoughts – 5/16/2021

Summer Vacation’s right around the corner, and many of us, are already
planning our re-entry into the “real world”!!! Be safe if you do travel!!
I ask each person, who calls St. Christopher’s Church and Preschool “home”,
to take a minute to think about what he or she can do to “jump start” our
Church Home, as we recover and rebuild! What is the Lord asking of you?
How can we be a lighthouse to Killeen, to Harker Heights, to Nolanville, and
Yours in Christ,
-Fr. Steve

Fr. Steve’s Thoughts – 5/9/2021

With Summer Vacation 2021 straight ahead, many of us, are planning to
jump back into the “real world”!!! Be safe, if you head out!
Please do take a moment to think about how you can help “jump start”
St. Christopher’s, as we rebuild and re-think our Church Home and
What is the Lord asking of you today?
How can we be a lighthouse to Killeen, Harker Heights, and the surrounding
Yours in Christ,
-Fr. Steve

Fr. Steve’s Thoughts 5/2/2021

As 2021 flies by and each of us figures out how to re-enter what we used to
call the “real world”, let’s think about how we will “jump start” our lives as
one community of Christian believers and actors. What can we do, to rebuild
our church home and preschool, to engage our City and our neighborhood?
What is the Lord asking of you this day?
“Every day they … broke bread … and ate together with glad and sincere
hearts, praising God and enjoying … all the people. And the Lord added to
their number….” Acts 2:46-47
Yours in His Service,
-Fr. Steve

Thoughts from Bishop Doyle

A Shepherd on our Darkest Hills
God knows the brokenness of heart and body and mind. Jesus knows our suffering and comes as our
shepherd. Guardian of our souls, the watcher in the night, he contends for us. We are being
shepherded by no one less than the great shepherd of the cross; through every kind of suffering
imaginable. Even now and in this present hour.
Do you wonder what we can do, and how we can do it,
We take up the work of shepherding together.
We shepherd together our families and our friends.
We shepherd our neighbors.
We shepherd our co-workers, school friends, and loved ones.
We shepherd, as Christ, in this time.
-Bishop C. Andrew Doyle

Thoughts about Sacchia Gonzalez…

It has been 2 years since Sacchia passed away on Thursday, April 18, 2019, after
a courageous fight with cancer. She was 42 years old. Her parents are Luis and Judith
Gonzalez. Sacchia was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico and into a culture that instilled an
early love of music and dance that shaped her life for decades to follow.
Sacchia found her passion in dance and her calling in helping others through
fitness. She was known for her contagious spirit, living life through experiences, meeting
new friends, and making a difference in the lives of others. She left a hole in this world
that will never be filled. She touched many lives and created lasting memories within the
St. Christopher’s family.
(Excerpts taken from her Memorial Service and obituary)
In Christ’s Love,
Debbie Hargreaves