Fr. Steve’s Thoughts – November 18, 2020

Dear Friends,
As I write this, I look forward to Christ the King Sunday! With Thanksgiving soon to follow, and even in the midst of this Virus, we are each called to live with gratitude….for life, for freedom and for health.
With all this ongoing chatter, it’s easy to forget that we are called to lives of patient generosity and love. Take a breath. Just say NO, to the ceaseless tension and say Yes, to patiently loving one another as our Lord has called us to do.
All is Well. We are in God’s hands.
Pax at bonum, Fr. Steve

Father Steve’s Reflections – 10/21/2020

Dear St. Christopher’s Parish and Friends,
How time flies and gets weird, in these crazy Covid Daze. Some mornings I have to
check my calendar to be sure I know what day it really is.
In the midst of the loud news and angry vulgar chatter, please remember we are
all marvelously created by God, to love and serve God, God’s people and all of
Creation. We are called not to look after our own interests, but to look after the
interests of those around us. (Philippians 2:4) The World would have look
inwards, in fear, but God would have us look out, into the Kingdom, with love.
Be part of St. Christopher’s! All Are Welcome!
Blessings, Fr. Steve

Father Steve’s Reflections 7/5/2020

Pentecost both marks the conclusion of the Easter season, and it marks the beginning of Christ’s
Church — as a people dedicated to Christ and to his Way of peace and acceptance and love.
The Scriptures say: “… you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my
witnesses …to the ends of the earth. Acts 1:8 (NIV)
St. Chris’s is a place filled by the Holy Spirit. Through the Spirit we are empowered to thrive as a
growing, loving community, even when the World would rather have the churches dry up and blow
We have much good work to do as Jesus’ Disciples, all of us. What is Jesus asking you to do?
Let’s live the Way that Christ has shown us. Let us all commit to serving and to building, the place he
has given us: St. Christopher’s, Killeen, Texas.
Every blessing!
—Fr. Steve +

Fr. Steve’s Reflections

Hello St. Christopher’s!

I want to thank everyone for your faithfulness and your prayers as we continue to work through this Virus season.  It is a tremendous blessing and honor to serve you!

Our “patio service” has had a very good reception!. We will alternate between the Nave and the patio, as weather allows, until we are cleared to begin our personal regathering.  Please do note that, while the patio service is a chance to celebrate God’s gift of Creation it should be,  like our service in the Nave,  enjoyed from the comfort of your air-conditioned homes.  In these Virus days, we  have not yet been cleared to gather in person.

My prayers for your health and blessings,


-Fr. Steve